General Practice and Global Primary Care

Primary care services worldwide area unit extremely developed. Renowned for their general practices and practitioners, the first care service model is revered and replicated by all the countries across the planet. The Market size of Primary Care sector is establishing and developing over the last fifty years. Primary Care could be a crucial a part of an integrated, comprehensive and mature Healthcare system. In developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, Asia majority of the biggest companies approximately 15% of GPs and manage 5% of their respective country's general practice. The 2015 annual report indicates employment of 17,000 staff members over all operations, together with 45 hospitals for in- and out-patients (Health scope, 2015b). The report conjointly states that over 2 million GP consultations were completed within the previous twelve months. Latest statistics recommend that increase in funding can increase by $2.5 billion a year, so as to extend the force of GP’s by another 5,000 by 2020.


  • Primary Health Care Services
  • Patient Consultation
  • Prescribing in Primary Health Care
  • Maternal Primary Care
  • Community Primary Care
  • Resuscitation of the new-born
  • Dermatology
  • Opthalmology
  • Dental Primary Care
  • Health Diversity

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