General Practice and Minor Surgery

Surgery has always been seen as an integral part of general practice. However, because it requires particular skills, it is time consuming, and needs special equipment and facilities; few general practitioners are actively undertaking minor surgical work. The new regulations for general practice' will allow a list of accredited practitioners to be remunerated for such work and this will lead to a reappraisal of professional attitudes. Minor surgery in general practice is cost-effective, is convenient for patients and is professionally satisfying for the doctor, but against these factors must be set the cost of equipment, fear of litigation if things go wrong and the demands on available time. Despite the hostility of most general practitioners to the imposition of the new contract the proposals for minor surgery may be perceived as more of a challenge than a threat. In future there will be a list of general practitioners who are accredited to perform a range of minor surgical procedures not only upon their own patients but upon the patients of colleagues in neighbouring practices who may be referred to them.

  • Lower and Upper Limb injections
  • Removal of Skin Lesions
  • Providing Minor surgery
  • Basic Techniques

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